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  • Model: Basmati brown basmati rice
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 We have known for half a century that our Basmati rice belongs to the heart of every home and is the basis of every feast.  Our love for this ancient delicacy means that we make no compromises - only exceptional quality can bear our name.  Unique grains of the highest quality, our Basmati is simply a natural delitake with a wonderful aroma and a fine fluffy structure.  You will fall in love with its taste and charm from the first bite.  Your kitchen deserves the best.  We bring you rice to your table that you will not find anywhere else on Earth and that you will always like to serve.

 Our wholegrain basmati contains the whole skin, thanks to which the rice acquires a natural and hazelnut taste.  The grains ripen naturally in the sun and thus acquire a delicious aroma.  Each grain undergoes a quality control, where 100% purity is verified.


 Whole grain basmati rice

 Nutritional values:

 Energy 1481kJ, 349kcal
 Fat 0.6 g (of which saturated fat 0.2 g)
 Carbohydrates 77.6 g (of which sugars 0.5 g)
 Fiber 0.9 g
 Protein 7.9 g
 Salt 0.03 g


 For one person, 60 g of rice is poured into boiling water.  Cook for 25 minutes on medium heat, pour water, cover, let stand for 3 minutes, mix lightly, serve.

 Country of origin: India

 Store in a cool, dry place.

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