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Brand: Priya Model: Priya tomato pickle 300g
Priya Tomato Pickle 300gThe Priya Range – Authentic, Distinct And HealthyPickles are a pan-Indian delicacyMost varieties of pickles are relatively low in fat, calories and sugar, compared to other junk foodsPickles are believed to help fighting seasonal cold & flu..
Ex Tax:70Kč
Sakthi Red chilli powder 200g
3-4 days
Brand: Sakthi Model: Sakthi Red chilli powder 200g
Ex Tax:85Kč
Aachi madras sambar powder 200g
Hot 3-4 days
Brand: Aachi Model: AAchi madras sambar Powder
Perfect for one's missing home..
Ex Tax:70Kč
Brand: Aachi Model: Aachi Idly chilli powder
Aachi Chilli Powder may be mixed with edible oil or ghee for good taste.IngredientsUrad Dhal, Salt, Red Chillies, Gram Dhal, Sesame, Asafoetida & Curry leaves...
Ex Tax:49Kč
Tilda 5kg
3-4 days
Model: Basmati original rice
Description: Tilda Basmati is a very high quality rice traditionally originating in India and Pakistan.  It is usually served as a side dish to a variety of curries, stews or roasts, or as the main ingredients in a classic biryani dish.  Basmati rice can also be served alone, or flavo..
Ex Tax:499Kč
Tilda 5kg
3-4 days
Model: Basmati brown basmati rice
DESCRIPTION We have known for half a century that our Basmati rice belongs to the heart of every home and is the basis of every feast.  Our love for this ancient delicacy means that we make no compromises - only exceptional quality can bear our name.  Unique grains of the highest qual..
Ex Tax:545Kč
Tata 900g
Sold out
Model: Tata premium tea
Perfect for one's missing Shop online TATA Black Premium Tea 900g.  In our e-shop you will find several brands of turmeric, cumin, chilli, tandoori masala mixture, garam masala mixture, sweet pepper, curry, cashmere chilli, coriander, sesame seeds, cardamom, fennel, cloves, ginger, saffron..
Ex Tax:400Kč
Model: Jasmine Green Tea | sypaný 250 g
A popular and imaginative combination of quality, healthy green tea and the captivating scent of jasmine. Taste the exotic combination of young leaves of green Chinese tea and the buds of flowering jasmine. This tea has an amber green color and a light taste of classic green tea enriched w..
Ex Tax:145Kč
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